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My name is Aneela Khan. I am starting out as a blogger for the first time and I could not be more excited. I love to write and I love watching basketball(regardless of gender) so why not put them together? And voila! This blog was created. I’ve been a fan and supporter of the WNBA since the year 2008. I started watching the WNBA through the NBA in the 2006-2007 season. At that time, Anthony Parker was playing for my hometown team the Toronto Raptors. I remember analysts and writers saying he wasn’t the only talented basketball player in his family. They stated that he had an even more talented basketball player who was the best female college basketball player at that time. This intrigued me to check out Candace Parker who just went through a rough NCAA tournament but was able to make the right plays at the right time to help win her team their second straight NCAA title. After her college season ended, I remember I watched her WNBA draft, her insane rookie game in which she had 34 points, a lot of rebounds and more. I was in awe when I watched her play. After following Candace Parker in the league, I started to watch other players as well. I remember watching Diana Taurasi score at will against her opponents. I remember watching Becky Hammon finish tough layups over taller defenders. I was hooked. I started to watch a lot of games and now I needed a team to cheer for. I was never really into the Los Angeles Sparks nor the Phoenix Mercury, but the San Antonio Silver Stars stuck a chord with me. I liked how their crowd was always in the game despite the score, I liked how the Silver Stars played as a team and Sophia Young became one of my favourite players to watch. It was also the year the Silver Stars made the WNBA finals only to bomb pretty quickly to the Detroit Shock. I was a fan for the Silver Stars for 3 years cheering them on despite their first round playoff exits and wins or losses and STILL occasionally cheer for them despite the new era they are entering in.

After being a fan for so long, I wanted to do more than just sit and watch. I wanted to share and express my opinions, so I created this blog just for that reason. I had a dream once, of being a sports writer, but sadly that dream has faded for me and so occasionally, I will blog all of my thoughts on women’s basketball, the Canadian women’s team and more!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and if you like it then go ahead and share! Tell your friends all about it.

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