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2018 WNBA Mock Draft Version 1.0

With the NCAA women’s tournament well underway and the first two rounds officially completed, it is now time to unveil my WNBA mock draft for this year. I put a poll on Twitter asking if people would be interested in a weekly WNBA mock draft after every round and most people said yes. So, here we are! The first of my WNBA mock draft is below. I will have three more versions of mock drafts after this one. One after the Elite 8, one after the Final 4 and the final mock draft a couple of days before the official WNBA Draft. Just a reminder, that the WNBA Draft is on April 12th at 7 pm on ESPN2.

*FYI, my mock drafts are based somewhat on the results of the first two rounds of the NCAA tourney plus overall play & fit on a team*


  1. A’ja Wilson – (F) – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Kelsey Mitchell – (G) – Indiana Fever
  3. Gabby Williams (F) – Chicago Sky
  4. Diamond DeShields – (G) – Chicago Sky
  5. Jordin Canada – (G) – Seattle Storm
  6. Lexie Brown – (G) – Dallas Wings
  7. Victoria Vivians – (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Maria Vadeeva – (C) – Indiana Fever
  9. Kia Nurse – (G) – Connecticut Sun
  10. Ariel Atkins – (G) – New York Liberty
  11. Stephanie Mavunga – (F) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Monique Billings – (F) – Phoenix Mercury


  1. Jaime Nared – (F) – Las Vegas Aces
  2. Marie Gulich – (C) – Indiana Fever
  3. Tyler Scaife –  (G) – Connecticut Sun
  4. Shakayla Thomas – (G) – Atlanta Dream
  5. Myisha Hines – Allen (F) – Minnesota Lynx
  6. Brooke McCarty – (G) – Dallas Wings
  7. Katelynn Flaherty – (G) – Washington Mystics
  8. Vionise Pierre – Louis – (C) – Phoenix Mercury
  9. Tyra Buss – (G) – Phoenix Mercury
  10. Mercedes Russell – (C) – New York Liberty
  11. Rebecca Greenwell – (G) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Natalie Butler – (C) – Minnesota Lynx


  1. Carlie Wagner – (G) – Phoenix Mercury
  2. Loryn Goodwin – (G) – Indiana Fever
  3. Morgan William – (G) – Atlanta Dream
  4. AJ Alix – (G) – Chicago Sky
  5. Stephanie Reid – (G) – Seattle Storm
  6. Teana Muldrow – (F) – Dallas Wings
  7. Roshunda Johnson – (F) – Washington Mystics
  8. Gabbi Ortiz – (G) – Las Vegas Aces
  9. Lexie Bando – (G) – Connecticut Sun
  10. Tashia Brown – (F) – New York Liberty
  11. Kaylee Jensen – (C) – Los Angeles Sparks
  12. Raisa Musina – (C) – Minnesota Lynx



The WNBA Draft Lottery — Who will select the #1 WNBA Draft pick in 2018?

Note: *The WNBA Draft Lottery is postponed until further notice. It was supposed to take place on Sept 14 during the half time of the Lynx vs Mystics semi final playoff game. The unofficial note is that it may be rescheduled in the month of October, maybe even sooner. Until that happens, this is a break down of the WNBA Draft Lottery on all the four teams that missed the playoffs this season.*

This year’s WNBA Draft Lottery is almost upon us. The four teams that missed the playoffs have a shot at drafting the #1 overall selection in next year’s very deep draft. The four teams that missed the playoffs are the following: Atlanta Dream, Chicago Sky, Indiana Fever and the San Antonio Stars. In order to have the highest percentage of possibly acquiring the #1 pick, teams with the worst 2 year record has the most chances of selecting #1 overall. This year, that honor belongs to the San Antonio Stars. The second worst team is the Indiana Fever followed by the Atlanta Dream and the Chicago Sky.

To break it down, although 4 teams missed the playoffs, only 3 teams will be selecting the top 4 WNBA Draft selections. The Atlanta Dream traded away their first round overall pick to the Chicago Sky who will now have two picks in the top 4. The Dream will have to trade in order to get into the first round once again.

The WNBA Draft Lottery can go many ways. In 2015 and 2016, the Storm won the #1 picks back to back. This is very rare and difficult to get. Since the San Antonio Stars had the #1st overall pick in 2017, it is very hard to see them getting the #1 pick in 2018 despite having a higher percentage than of the other two teams.

In my best educated guess, if I were to guess the WNBA Draft Lottery odds and selection, I would have to say that the Indiana Fever would get the #1 WNBA Draft pick. The San Antonio Stars would get the #2nd overall pick, then the Sky at 3 & 4 overall.  Of course, this is just one scenario and it could be a much different outcome when the lottery does take place. This is a WNBA Draft where even if teams do miss out on the #1 overall pick, the rest of the draft has potential superstars, some stars and great potential starters. Teams shouldn’t be too disappointed, but whoever does get the #1 overall pick should help their team and franchise immediately.

The WNBA Draft Date is April 13th, 2017

The WNBA has not yet announced the official draft date which is a shame, since it is a month away now. Yet, over the two months, thanks to knowledgeable fans who did the research, the WNBA draft date is April 13th 2017 starting at 7 pm on ESPN2.

UPDATE: (March 13th) The WNBA Draft is officially April 13th, confirmed by two people with knowledge. However, the WNBA Draft does NOT have a location set yet, meaning the Mohegan Sun arena is out. It could be either at the ESPN studios or in New York. Check back later on this post.

If you have heard that the draft is on April 10th, you are wrong. I have listed two pieces of information that will make it clear to you that the draft indeed will be April 13th.

The first piece of information is clear. ESPN2 has it’s programming schedule set for April 13th. As you can see, below it has the draft scheduled for 7 to 8 pm on ESPN2. Don’t believe me? Take a look yourself.

If you follow this link http://espnmediazone.com/us/programming/program-schedules/#tvl_resultsAnchor, and click on April 13th, for a live event on ESPN2, you will see the WNBA Draft pop up. Also, the WNBA draft will continue from 8 pm to 9 pm on ESPNU afterwards.

Another piece of information is listed right here in the Odyssey Sims article, which clearly states..”The WNBA Draft will take place on April 13th.” http://www.wnba.com/news/sparks-acquire-odyssey-sims-trade-wings/  right on the WNBA official website itself!

I’m not sure why the league STILL has not made it official. This is NOT how the WNBA should operate. The draft date should be open three months before. So, spread the word and let everyone know for those who didn’t know before. The official draft date is April 13th 2017. The San Antonio Stars hold the #1 pick.